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How do you Start a Car Club

Car Clubs are an excellent way to get people together who share a common interest in the Automobile. With a Car Club you can have a laser focus on a specific model vehicle or you can focus on a genre or high level interest such as "Sports Cars" or "Classic Cars". The focus is entirely up to you, just keep in mind the potential member number depend greatly on how narrow or broad your Car Club focus is. Many Clubs start out as independent local car clubs that can grow into a nationwide club with chapters all over the United States and World.

The first step with creating your new Club is define the Club's charter or mission. Like I mentioned before, what types of vehicles your club will cater too and what is the Clubs mission statement. Other than the love of your focus vehicles, what other things do you want to be part of the Charter? Examples can include community involvement, Charitable events,  Car Shows, Meetings, Membership expectations including dues, etc. These all things you will want to include in your Clubs Charter.

The next step would be to schedule your first meeting. Schedule it at least 30 days in advance  and find a public place that can host the meeting. You may want to find a local retail establishment (Coffee Shop) that is willing to let you host your event on their property. You will be amazed at how many places would love to have you there as it gives them free advertising and foot traffic. You may even be able to get them to give your members a discount on their services/products during the Club meeting.

The next step and most important, is to promote your club. You need to get the word out to potential members. To spread the word about your club you can use internet forums (they usually have regional sections), local street signs, and of course advertise your club on At a minimum you will also need to create a Facebook page or even better a dedicated website for your club. Establish an email address for the Club and a contact phone number. Make sure you keep everyone that is part of your club current on upcoming events and meetings.

For your first meeting you want to welcome all the new members and review your clubs charter. Take input from the new members about the Charter and ask for their suggestions. Draft a final Charter and discuss leadership. At a minimum, you will need to elect some officers. Start with a President, Treasurer, and Secretary. These three officers are key to longevity of the Club.

As your Club gains members and traction, looks for higher level club governing bodies to become a member of. These higher level entities will usually charge a small fee but will provide more visibility and credibility to your club. They will also give you ideas on events your club can sponsor and attend. Look for local and online Auto Retail establishments you can partner with for discounts. If appealing to you can could turn your club into an nonprofit organization (501c) such that you do not have to pay any taxes on the revenue your club generates and long as it meets the IRS guidelines for "non-profit".

Last but not least, Have Fun....Car Clubs are a great way to make personal and professional contacts that share some similar interests as you. Make the most of the opportunity!